Travon Martin Rally

On February 16, 2012, George Zimmerman shot an unarmed Trayvon Martin without cause.  When I first heard about this travesty, I could not believe that this was still happening in 2012.  I also could not believe that some new organizations seemed to condone the event.  Consequently, I began to follow this story and wanted to get involved and provide support.


On March 24, 2012 there was a rally at Freedom Plaza in DC in memory of Travyon Martin.  The organizers of the event asked everyone to wear hoodie.  I expected the “old civil rights crowd”, (Al Sharpton and Joe Madison).  Although they were present, the most striking thing about the rally for me was the diversity of the participants.  The majority of the protesters were young. There were families, individuals, college students, senior citizens, and children.  On a deeper level, I assumed this would be a black rally, but there was significant diversity among the races. I recall seeing a white women with a sign that read “Trayvon Martin is My Son Too”.    I saw students with empty packs of skittles taped to their hoodies with signs that read “I am Trayvon Martin”.

Although I am still saddened by this unresolved tragedy, I have hope when seeing the community come together to collectively honor his memory.