VIDEONINE develops multimedia project that represent the passion of life.  Whether capturing the heart of protest,  spirit of competition, or the beauty of art and nature, VIDEONINE represents passion.  The sites is comprised of photography, videography, multimedia projects through the eyes of Michael Smith.  My current areas of interest are:  


This gallery display the beauty of landscapes and cityscapes during my travels.  It also gives a voice to those who protest on behalf of their community or suffer due to circumstances beyond their control.


This gallery represents the endurance, consistency, and drive needed for the spirit of competition.  Those who excel in this area harness the mind, body and spirit of their craft.  It is represented in their form, presence and their eyes.


The gallery represents to ability to create something from nothing.  Whether singing, dancing, modeling or performing the ability and desire to create is beautiful.  This category highlights and showcases those with an artistic presence.